Integrated Physics and Chemistry consists of six chapters of texts and six chapters of companion activities.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) is written by internationally respected scientist/author, John Hudson Tiner, who applies the vignette approach, which effectively draws readers into the text and holds attention. The author and editors have deliberately avoided complex mathematical equations in order to entice students into high school level science. This course introduces students to the people, places and principles of conceptual physics and basic chemistry without focus on complicated mathematical equations, which often discourage students.  IPC focuses on research by the people who contributed to development of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Students learn to read and apply the Periodic Table, while gaining insight into basic chemistry and physics. This is one of our most popular courses among high school students, especially those who aspire to matriculate to college, but are challenged by science courses based on complex mathematical and technical skills. IPC is also an excellent course for pre-high school students who aspire to take conventional chemistry and physics courses permeated with mathematical equations. IPC I is worth 1 high school transcript credit.

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