English Communication Skills


English Communication Skills is recommended for 7th grade, but is applicable for any grade 7-12. This course is worth one high school transcript credit.

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In English Communication Skills students learn how to construct sentences, paragraphs, essays, letters, and other forms of communication.  Each lesson includes a vignette of a positive role model to illustrate how values, beliefs, and character affect communication skills and life choices.  QR-codes, charts, photos, and illustrations are strategically placed to enhance comprehension.  Every lesson includes a life principle selected to appeal to conscience to enable students to make wise choices. Selected vocabulary words are bolded and defined to help enrich the students’ understanding of the English language  If English Communication Skills is completed as a high school course, it is worth one transcript credit. The course is excellent for high school students or adults with academic gaps or a limited understanding of the English language.  Proctors/teachers can assign students to complete the chapter tests of English Communication Skills, English Grammar Skills, and English I: Language Skills to identify English learning gaps that need to be filled before a student graduates.  High school students may earn one transcript credit by completing at least six chapters of “gaps” composed of various Paradigm English chapters. English Communication Skills is a comprehensive course designed for application in grade 7, but is applicable for grades 7 through 12 to address academic gaps in the English.  The course consists of five chapters bound in soft-cover texts with five companion student activity books that “walk” students chronologically through components of the English language.  Seventy-five lessons,15 quizzes, and five chapter tests cover the basics components of oral and written communication in the English language.

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