Basic Math Skills


Basic Math Skills, designed for seventh grade students, is good for one transcript credit. The course consists of six texts with six companion activities.

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Every lesson begins with theme art and an engaging narrative from “Professor K” designed to draw students into the lesson. Basic Math Skills covers basic math concepts beginning with simple properties and extending through calculations of powers and roots, percentages, volume, weight, temperature, area, and unknowns. Students receive a solid foundation in scientific notation, metric systems, multiplication, basic geometry, graphs, square and cube roots, PEMDAS, grouping, fractions, decimals, percent, and interest. Students learn how to understand and complete word problems, especially those types which appear on state academic assessments. Basic Math Skills is designed for seventh grade students.  The course is also excellent for high school students who were under-served in other educational programs. Basic Math Skills consists of six soft-cover texts with six companion activity books. Eighteen section quizzes and six chapter tests are included. NOTE: This course is also an excellent refresher study for older students or adults who need to brush up on basic math before taking competency exams or Algebra I. PAC’s Math Skills Diagnostic Test (link provided below) is designed to help teachers identify exactly where students should begin working to recover academic math gaps.  Basic Math Skills is recommended before students enroll in Intermediate Math Skills. High school students who complete at least six chapters of Basic Math Skills and Intermediate Math Skills qualify for one transcript credit in General, Consumer, or Basic Math.

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