Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PAC) is a business with a mission. Our entire focus is producing curriculum with character development qualities and superior academics that equip students with an advantage to make wise life choices and possess high academic competencies.

Courses are available in print, audio-enhanced and digital downloads for grades 7 through 12. Each course consists of text content produced in individual chapters, with companion activity books that “walk” students through each text in easy-to-follow sequence. Chapters are available for filling academic gaps, or as complete courses in convenient kits. Section quizzes and chapter tests, with answer keys, are included in each kit.

Lessons are distinguished by vocabulary enrichment, life principles, vignettes of positive role models, and superior academics that prepare students for college, careers, and domestic responsibilities. Courses are designed for independent learning, with very little dependence on proctors or parents. Thus, students are inspired to accelerate completion of courses based on personal initiative, rather than being locked into the calendar or a teacher’s schedule.

Paradigm’s award-winning curriculum has been helping students succeed for more than twenty years in accredited secular and sectarian schools, homes, correctional facilities, and on Native American reservations and military bases worldwide.

Major attractions of Paradigm include stress-free design and generous discounts available to such groups as active military, foster care, single-parents, first responders, missionaries, ranchers, and farmers.

Customers have no regrets after switching from traditional textbooks and classroom-style teaching to Paradigm’s independent learning courses that free parents from preparing lesson plans, making tests, and teaching lessons face-to-face to multiple-age children. With Paradigm, students confidently learn, and parents have time to take a breath.

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