We have two options available for audio enhanced curriculum. The first option is integrated with our virtual online curriculum. With the click of a button, students can listen to text as it is read aloud and follow along as the text being read is highlighted. In addition, each course is embedded with our AINI frequency technology and strategically selected instrumental music to help improve student focus, concentration, and overall well-being. This option is only available for select courses at this time. More courses will be available as we get them converted.

The second audio enhanced curriculum option is to use our digital curriculum in conjunction with a text-to-speech reader. NaturalReader is a good text-to-speech software that works well with our curriculum. They have a free version and paid-for versions. The paid-for versions allow you to select the voices you like and come with other useful features. Download a text-to-speech reader, purchase a digital version of our curriculum, and import the curriculum into the text-to-speech reader.

These options are great for students who are audio learners or students who face challenges such as visual impairments, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, etc.

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