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Unnecessary Confusion About Personalized Learning

Jan 9,18

The word “Paradigm” means a new system.  A paradigm shift means a change in the way things are done…moving from

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It’s Not Too Late to Homeschool; Even at the End of the First Semester!

Nov 30,17

Some parents think “Next fall, we will homeschool.”  Consider the implications of that thought.  Another year in a negative learning

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Homeschool Beauty in Gingham

Nov 16,17

Beauty rises periodically from simple and common elements and places to bless nations.  The world is sometimes astonished at the

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Socialization and Communication Skills in School Choice Programs

Oct 10,17

A big parental attraction regarding educational choice is the opportunity to “tailor-make” learning to fit individual personalities, temperaments, and academic

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The Shifting Image of Homeschool Families

Sep 12,17

Two decades ago, typical homeschool families consisted of half a dozen children dressed pretty much like their parents.  Focus was

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Wonder Moms: The Margin of Difference in Homeschool

Aug 22,17

Homeschool moms are first cousins to Wonder Woman…multi-tasking from morning to late at night.  They are gallant warriors who muster

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