Principles and Precepts of Biology: Virtual Online Course

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In this course, the publisher takes a bold approach by challenging popular theories through use of the scientific method, application of DNA, and recent research to point out strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories. Like all PAC courses, Biology may be completed in a classroom under guidance of a teacher, or through guided independent study with minimum student dependence on the teacher/proctor. The design of Biology texts and activities enables students to learn the material with or without oversight by an experienced science teacher. Lab projects are not required, but may easily be conducted as directed by the teacher/proctor. Laboratory experiments (actual or observations) may be added as needed to earn transcript credit. The Principles, Theories, and Precepts of Biology Virtual Online Course includes links to videos to further explain a topic or show an experiment. The videos are optional and students are not required to watch the videos to complete activities, quizzes, or tests.

The Virtual Online Biology Course consists of everything needed to gain one high school transcript credit in Biology. All texts, activities, quizzes, and tests are provided online in an interactive format. Students must have access to internet in order to use this course.

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